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Hi! I am Shelley Coates of Studio 34 Music Academy and I've made a career out of performing and coaching for the past 25 years.

However since starting a family, I really want to stay at home.

So, together with Rick (professional musician / my husband) I've created a state of the art studio space, where I can share the knowledge and experience I have gained and pass it on to people who love to sing.

Please read on to find out why learning with me is a great choice, no matter what stage you are at...

Why should I learn with you at Studio 34?


I have been hired to work over the world to help singers deliver their best performances. I also know what it's like to sing on stage, having worked as full time performer in the west end and around the world.

Here are some people I’ve been hired to work with.

Marti Webb, Paul O'Grady, Lesley Joseph, Annie The Musical West End, Canon & Ball, The Nolans, P&O, Cunard, Celebrity Cruises


I don’t recognise anybody! Can you just give me a heads up?

Coaching before a big show

Coaching before a big show


I have...

• Sung for various pop and musical theatre artists and appeared in many shows.

• Performed lots of musical theatre on tour, in the west end and all over the world.

• Coached professional singers on cruise ships and corporate events.

But can you teach me?

Yes. And I Love Teaching!

I can draw upon a vast wealth of teaching experience. From working with one to one tuition, coaching production singers on land and at sea, teaching in schools and colleges and conducting corporate vocal workshops in large and small groups.

I like to, where appropriate, incorporate the very popular “Estill” Vocal method in my teaching which keeps my finger on the pulse (or the larynx!)

This is a very popular method and is taught in various Drama Colleges in London and around the worlds.

My daughter has been working with Shelley over the last year, wanting fame (as usual for an 8-year-old)!
I can’t thank Shelley enough after realising the potential she has and getting the best out of her.
— Steve Scrase

I believe the best teachers are the most avid learners

So... I regularly attend seminars relating to this technique.

I have seen great results with my students so far and I am looking forward to my next course in London this June.   



So why would you want to teach me?


  • I love teaching!

  • I really enjoy being at home with my family. I have a state of the art facility at my house so really, it’s a pleasure. 

  • Although I really enjoy working with the advanced people I coach, being a part of the community really matters to me. In fact I teach a local village group here in Foxton and we regularly perform at village functions! Helping children and adults of all ages gives me such a kick. Having a daughter really has changed me, hopefully for the better!


What Can I Learn?


My goal is to make you a better singer and a more confident performer.


I will also help you to:

• Get even more joy from listening to the music you love.

• Build the technique and vocal strength to make the most of your talent.

• Sing your heart out!


What’s Your Approach?


When we begin you will explain to me what your goal is and we’ll work together towards it.

Want to take Grades?

9. shelley headphones.jpg

If you’re the sort of person who likes a clear target to aim for, then grades might be for you.
They also offer a clear qualification that might help when it comes to applying for music or drama college/university.

Got an audition looming and need help preparing?

I LOVE helping singers with auditions and am no stranger to auditions from both sides of the fence. So I can help show you what they are looking for and give you that cutting edge.

Want to be able to get up and sing in a pub or at a party?

Great! One of the most fulfilling things about singing is to be able to do it for others. Communicating with others by singing a song is the greatest buzz in town. It’s a way to share everything you have learned.

Where Will I Learn?

In our purpose built studio in Foxton, Market Harborough.
You will be taught with the aid of the best equipment in an environment designed for learning.

When Will I Learn?

Weekly or fortnightly or for the more advanced as they require. I'll send you availability when you send me your details in the form below. 

How Will I Learn? 

Part of my job is to work out what you need to be the best you can be. Along with your voice, paper and pen we can use video and recording as we wish so that you have a record of what you have been taught.


Can I Come And See You Sing?

If I’m performing locally yes!

Right now most of my work is studio based and I'm happy to show you plenty examples of that! How long have you got??!!

I'll be sure to let you know if I'm doing anything locally, and I'd love to sing with you at our local music and movement group 'VOCAL ZONE'. (LINK)


What else can you offer?

Want to record your favourite song in a state of the art recording studio?

No problem – we’ll do that too.
e will work on songs over a period of weeks and when you are ready, record your voice for you.Then you can take the recording away to wow your family and friends!

Looking to join a local choir / music movement group?

You are welcome to come to Vocal Zone

Do you want to introduce the joy of music to your pre-schooler ?

Check out Mini Mozarts


You are exactly what I’m looking for!
Will You Teach Me?


I am comfortable teaching all ages and abilities. First things first... Right now, all we need to do is schedule a trial lesson, to see how we get on.


This sounds great... so how much?

First things first. We need to arrange a trial lesson. 

To start with, new students will normally come for a 45 minute lesson. This is £25 and I'll send you a link in an email to pay, to secure your first lesson.

After the first lesson we’ll decide, if we would like to continue.

If we’re both happy, you can choose between weekly or fortnightly lessons.

Shelley is a beautiful vocalist with a fantastic ear for music and helping people reach their potential. Truly wonderful to work with.
— Callum Simon

Lessons happen 44 weeks of the year.

To help you spread the cost of your lessons, you'll need to set up a direct debit for the 1st of each month.

Your Investment

Fortnightly Lessons

22 lessons in total,
45min session @£46 per month,
60min session @£55 per month.

Weekly Lessons

44 weeks,
45min session @£92 per month.
60min sessions @£110 per month.

Other Important Details

If you need or want to stop lessons, you'll need to give me 1 months notice.

If you are ill / having problems and need to re-schedule, I’ll always do my best to fit you in (if both our diaries align), but am unable to refund lessons missed.

If I am unable to teach you, I will offer you an alternative time or refund your lesson fee


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Please tell me about yourself and your goals or reasons for wanting singing lessons. If you are applying on behalf of a child, please use this box to tell me more.