Attention Pre-Schools and Nurseries!

Discover how to meet all your ‘Music Development Matters’ goals and have great fun at the same time!

With the new ‘MDM’ government directive in place music and movement is a crucial part of realising your children’s potential.

With Mozzie and Shelley your children will…

🎵 Learn about rhythms

🎵 Discover melodies

🎵 Explore the sights and sounds of real musical instruments

🎵 Inspire confidence

🎵 Create a safe and engaging environment

🎵 Exercise

🎵 Make noise and have fun!

🥁 Check Out The Video 🥁

Shelley and Marracca!.png

Meet Shelley

A professional actress, singer and dancer with more than 25 years experience.

• Performing in London's West-End. 
• Writing shows for top production companies.
• Travelling the world to oversee shows on Cruise Ships.
• Working with artists recording albums.
• Creating Classes for Pre-Schoolers...

💡 The Science Speaks For Itself

🎵 Singing and dancing is healthy and can help your child become a better communicator.

🎵 Playing music, singing and dancing causes parts of our brain to light up all at once!

🎵 Music helps us remember better, because of the combinations of melody and rhythm.

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